Hemp for Health produces and provides access to high quality CBD products, so that people can live happier & healthier lives.

Our Purpose

Hemp for Health envisions itself as a leader in growing and processing the highest quality hemp cultivars into the finest, most pure CBD products.

Our Mission: From seed to sale, our commitment to our 4 verticals of Genetics, Cultivation, Extraction, & Partnerships will help in providing customers the most pure and high quality Cannabidiol and cannabidiol-derived products.

Our Location

With a scaling option of up to 3000 hectares, we have secured over 100 hectares of farmland in Tuscany, Italy. Bathing in the radiance of the magnificent Tuscan sun, our hemp will grow in some of the most nutrient-rich and sought after soil in the entire world.

Research & Genetics

Our aim is to provide customers with the most useful, beneficial, and enjoyable CBD products ranging from Cannabis Light to Full-spectrum oils. Our research focuses on efficiency, quality, potency, and yield. We will breed and cultivate the best Europe has to offer while within the limits of EU law.


Using Supercritical Co2 is by far the purest method of cannabinoid and terpene extraction. Co2 allows us to delicately target specific cannabinoids and terpenes. We extract oils that are not only cannabinoid-rich but maintain the plant’s genetic integrity. The results are truly full-spectrum products giving customers the benefits of the Entourage Effect.


From seed to sale, we’re present during each stage of our plant and product development. Our amazing soil, research programs, and clean and effective technology puts us there from the beginning growth to end result. It’s a privilege for us to be able to cultivate and offer such a variety of first-class CBD products.

Interesting Facts about Hemp

Anything made from plastic can be made from hemp.

Hemp requires about half the amount of water that cotton needs.

1 acre of hemp produces the same amount of paper as 4.1 acres of trees.

1 acre of hemp produces more oxygen than 25 acres of forest.


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