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InstaFund La Prima Racing is in it’s first year as a UCI Women’s Professional Cycling Team. The team was established in 2019 to provide racing opportunities for women with full-time careers. For context, while men’s cycling teams have minimum salary and benefit rules, women’s cycling is not there yet and as such many women are not paid a salary, or only a small stipend. Because of that, many women have full-time careers, or leave the sport to pursue education and/or a career because they realize that they won’t be able to race at a high-level and pay their bills at the same time. La Prima Cycling wants to help move the needle for equality in cycling, and the first step was to form a team that would let women work while racing. A bit to our surprise the first year was filled with many podium finishes, and above that the riders still found time to engage with community events like the Women’s Skills Clinics in conjunction with the Ride to Conquer Cancer. It was clear to management that the team was ready for it’s next step, to become a UCI Professional Team, and that is where we are today. (We are one of 2 Women’s Professional Cycling teams in Canada).

While our first season as a professional team has had a slow start, the team did get a chance to race one race in early March, which they won. As the team continues its upward trajectory there are two main goals, develop riders to a level where they will be selected to represent Canada at the World Championships, and to continue innovating the current women’s cycling team business model to allow for continued progress towards equality in sport.

The team primarily races in North America and we are *fingers crossed* looking forward to our first European block of racing this fall, and if not next spring.

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