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Vancouver, British Columbia:  HEMP FOR HEALTH INC. (CSE:HFH) (the “Company”), a cultivator and distributor of premium CBD products,  is pleased to provide a general overview of its business operations in Tuscany, Italy.

Our mission at Hemp for health is to produce and provide access to high quality hemp-based CBD products so that people can live better lives. Our focus is on four verticals: genetics, cultivation, extraction and partnerships. Through a vertically integrated process, our CBD products will be produced and processed in Tuscany thus achieving the “Made in Tuscany” label, a globally recognized branding strategy. Our test crop in the first year of operations was a Carmagnola hemp strain and the 2019 harvest is nearing completion with the crop responding positively to the Tuscan soil and climate. Our initial farming capacity is set to be 130 Ha for the 2020 growing season which is scheduled to commence in April/May 2020.


Our short-term company strategy is to sell the biomass from this year’s test crop in a bulk sale method in the Italian/European market. The hemp flower is being used to develop our propriety full spectrum CBD oil with a focus on three products in a tiered pricing module. The final pricing strategy will be determined upon the best available market prices and a careful analysis of the current CBD landscape in Europe. The longer-term objectives of the company include increasing acres under management, product development and collaborating with research institutions and universities. 

Positioning of Hemp for Health in the European Market:

As a company focused on the “Made in Tuscany” brand, we are committed to creating a portfolio of products that appeal to consumers. Our full spectrum CBD oil will be branded as Tuscan Gold, Tuscan Silver, and Tuscan Bronze. The tiered pricing system will be based on the total content of CBD in each set of CBD oil and our sales will be focused on the European market and nearby jurisdictions.

Management and Board of Directors:

The company has assembled a strategic blend of professionals that have experience in corporate strategy, governance and farming operations. They come from a diverse background that will complement this new and rapidly evolving CBD market. More information about our directors and special advisory team can be found here: https://hempforhealth.eu/corporate/our-team/

Appointment of Investor Relations:

The Company also announces the appointment of Evan Eadie as its Investor Relations representative. His responsibilities will include communications, strategic marketing, market activity and assisting in the general growth and value creation for the company. The contact information for the Investor Relations department is provided below and investors are encouraged to take advantage of our transparent and open communications plan.  He will be paid a monthly fee of Cdn$4,000.

Additional information on the Company and the business of H4H can be found in the Company’s prospectus dated November 1, 2019 as filed on SEDAR at www.sedar.com and on the website www.hempforhealth.eu.  

About Hemp for Health Inc.:

Hemp for Health is a cultivator and distributor of premium CBD products with an exclusive, long-term contract for land with farmers in the Tuscan region of Italy for the purpose of yielding the highest quality hemp-based CBD.  Our focus is to offer the absolute best in natural and organic CBD products to our customers, and that starts with pristine soil, seeds, and sun. (See further details available in the Company’s filings on SEDAR.)


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